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Financial Advice

At Cube Private Wealth our goal is to provide clients with quality, tailored and sensible financial advice. High quality financial advice enables our clients to achieve their life goals with peace of mind.

Wealth Accumulation

Growing your wealth in a tax effective manner;
At Cube, it is our priority to assist you in accumulating wealth. Our wealth accumulation strategies are tailored to your individual circumstances with the underlying purpose of achieving your goals.

Retirement Planning

Ensuring you are able to fund cost of living throughout your retirement;
The earlier you start planning your retirement, the more wealth you will be able to accumulate to fund holidays, home repairs, dining out, new cars and other expenses. Cube is able to assist you build a long term retirement plan to ensure you achieve your income requirements upon ceasing work.


Consolidation, reviews and investment advice;
It is common for people who have had multiple jobs to have multiple superannuation accounts. It is also common for these people to be paying unnecessary fees. By consolidating your superannuation accounts you might be able to reduce your fees, have access to more features and be invested appropriately based on your age and risk tolerance.


Establish and review your investment portfolio;
Whether you have a regular savings plan, received an inheritance or saved a lump sum – Cube are able to build an investment portfolio tailored to you with the objective of achieving your goals.

Risk Management and Personal Insurance

Ensure you are adequately insured;
At Cube, we will design a risk management plan to protect your family in the event of injury, illness, death and disability in a cost and tax effective way.

Estate Planning

Review your estate and succession planning;
Estate planning is a comprehensive process ensuring your wishes are carried out in the event of your death. This involves reviewing the following: Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, Enduring Guardianship, death benefit nominations on your superannuation, reversionary pension, company and business ownership structures, trusts and insurance beneficiaries.

Aged Care

Advising you on aged care strategies;
Our Aged Care clients often ask the following questions:

  • Should I sell the family home?
  • Should I rent out the family home?
  • How will it affect my aged pension?


  • How much should my Refundable Accommodation Deposit be?
  • How will I fund my monthly Aged Care costs?