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Since 2004, Cube Private Wealth has grown a client base consisting of:

Individuals and Families

Many individuals face similar financial challenges:-

  • A limited income from which living expenses need to be funded and savings accumulated.
  • How to ensure that you have sufficient assets accumulated for the future
  • How to manage debt obligations.

Business Owners

In addition to meeting the challenges noted above, business owners have the additional task of

  • Ensuring that business catastrophe does not damage your personal financial position
  • Managing business cashflow and minimising tax
  • Managing the risk within your business
  • Ensuring that assets are accumulated outside of the business and not soley within the business.

Executives & Management

Executives and management are often subject to complex remuneration packaging, this can include share options both short and long term, employee share plans, vehicle leasing and redundancy and ex-gratia payments.


The challenges faced by those who retire are often similar.

  • How to structure assets to ensure there is enough cashflow to meet lifestyle expenses.
  • How to minimise tax and therefore increase after tax cashflow
  • How to ensure that you have flexibility to access capital
  • How to manage financially in difficult times.

Our services are designed to ensure that you

  • Manage your cashflow and resources as efficiently as possible
  • Pay down and pay off debt over a defined period
  • Build your asset base over time.
  • Minimise tax where possible.

Protect you and your family from unforseen events.